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Eats Sini SS19 is Making Waves Among Subangnites As An Affordable, High-End Eatery

by Natasha Christopher

Makan mana? ‘Eat Sini’ lah.

Yes, just eat at this place and you won’t be disappointed. Experience it for yourselves and taste the 1st class cuisine and get this, at a super affordable price too! Make your way to SS19 Subang Jaya and you’ll be wanting more out of this.

The friendly staff Image via Eat Sini SS19

The friendly staff
Image via Eats Sini SS19

Chef Fazil Shahreen all smiles during the opening launch

Chef Fazil Shahreen all smiles during the opening launch

This superb brand new eatery which opened to the public since 18 January 2018 is certainly a hit among the customers here. Eats Sini SS19 is let by Chef Fazil and his group of hardworking and friendly staff. Chef Fazil Shahreem worked in a various 5-Star restaurant for so many years and he felt it was time for him to take what he learned from his experiences and provide the best food to everyone at an affordable price. The luxurious cuisine certainly shows right on the plate. He and his team are able to recreate fusion food that meets from east and west together.  Aside from the strategic location and the laid back ambience -combining nature and spacious living-  most people keep coming back for more for the food. Trust a foodie like me, IT’S REALLY DELICIOUS!

pasta egg
One of the best dish for me here that is a must try for everyone is the Salted Egg Pasta (RM18). It comes with a creamy salted egg sauce, chilli padi (bird’s eye chillies), garlic and topped off with curry leaves to make the food more desirable and insta-worthy with the elegant presentation on the plate and the aroma that goes along with it. You can choose the types of pasta from spaghetti, fettuccine,  or penne kinds of pasta. Plus you can add shrimps, soft shell crab or even chicken strips to is priced separately.

Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab Pasta Image via Eat Sini SS19

Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab Pasta
Image via Eats Sini SS19

It puts a smile on my face when I received the dish because of not only the fact that the food service was excellent and I was super hungry but it reminded me of a fancy food restaurant that I can never afford. Obviously, I can now with this place. Upon the first bite, the pasta presented a balanced saltiness with a mix of spiciness. However, the chilli padi may overwhelm those who can’t stand the heat. What is so interesting about this dish is the fact that the overflowing sauce just melts in your mouth which makes it chewable and easy to eat. Besides, we ordered with chicken strips and the shrimp. Both side dishes were juicy and fresh that makes the meal a satisfying one.

Next dish is an upgrade version of a Nasi Lemak. Introducing to you, Nasi Lemak Roulade. With a fusion of Japanese, it comes with egg, shishamo (saltwater fish), kyuuri (cucumber in Japanese), sambal, olive powder, and crispy kailan.

What a stunner!

What a stunner!

Chef Fazil recreated a superb version of a high-class version of a nasi lemak. With the shishamo oozing out as the star of the dish seated on a batter-covered with rice within and sparkled with olive powder. Of course not, forgetting the sambal that is the underdog in every Malaysian food. Eats Sini emphasises the presentation which they do it exquisitely. You almost don’t feel like indulging in the food straight away because the number of pictures you’ll be taking upon receiving this roulade. The food is superbly amazing as it is when you first look at it. The sambal mixes well with the Japanese fusion food.
cut nasi
You gotta split the batter to eat with the rice inside. Overall, great presentation and completely blows your taste palettes away.

Fiery goodness!

Fiery goodness!

After the main course, we decided to try the appetizers that would tantalize our taste buds. We ordered the Sambal Lousiana Wings Platter and damn it was spicy and tasty! This sambal doesn’t play around. By the looks of the red fiery chicken wings, be prepared to be awake for the bomb of a taste it’ll give you. However, not to worry, the team doesn’t want you to cry and suffer while consuming the platter, they’ll present freshly cut carrots and celery to sooth the spiciness low so you’ll have a wonderful experience.
Lastly, there’s always room for dessert. With the screaming of the platter, we need ice cream now. What would be better than getting Cheese Cake Ice Cream. It comes with a biscuit base, vanilla ice cream and salted caramel and whipped cream. Of course, the presentation is tip-top level. Not forgetting the sultry cheesecake that is baked to perfection at the right amount of cheesiness. This certainly heals the soul on a hot sunny day.

Overall, this place presents one of the best-hidden gems in Subang Jaya. If you remember Fiq’s Gastronomy, that’s where the place is at now. There’s more variety of food that you have here! Family friendly, amazing luxurious food with a cheaper price and helpful staff member. You can even see the chefs at work as they have an open kitchen concept. How great is that?

Open Kitchen Concept

Open Kitchen Concept

Head on over with your family and friends to experience the magic!
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LocationNo.34 Jln SS 19/1D, Subang Jaya

Contact: 03-5611 7198

Opening Hours: Everyday from 11:00am to 11pm

or simply visit their Facebook profile at  Eats Sini SS19.

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