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Mount Sinabung Turns Day To Night In Sumatra

by Nicolas See Tho

This is one of those times you wished you haven’t watched a disaster movie, especially when it is happening to you in real life. but that’s exactly how residents of Sumatra Island, Indonesia felt when its resident volcano,  Mount Sinabung or known to us as Gunung Sinabung erupted on Monday.

The eruption has caused local panic as it sent fast moving and scorching pyroclastic movements down its slopes and it dispelled ash clouds up to 7KM in the air forcing residents and tourist fleeing for safety.


According to reports by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, this eruption was the first in 5 years since it’s the last eruption back in 2013, and it is the most powerful eruption recorded yet.


Streets were covered in thick ash and debris while visibility has been rendered to a minimum. The sounds of the eruptions were heard throughout the locale as a loud rumbling sound can be heard, with a destructive scene that follows. While Mount Agung slowly began to rumble back to life in August 2017, Mount Sinabung has been erupting intermittently since 2010, forcing at least 30,000 people to evacuate and destroying property.

Thus far, no lives were taken, and while many are leaving the area, some still remain within the locale despite the danger posed by this volcano.



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