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Black Panther: Marvel Goes Back To Black

by Nicolas See Tho

Marvel has done it again, and for the past decade, it hasn’t failed in delivering high-quality adaptations from its paperback counterpart, albeit with cinematic differences. This year, Marvel started off with Black Panther, which was first seen in Captain America: Civil War. Continuing the story from there, this time we get to see the homeland of the Black Panther, the afro-futuristic Wakanda.

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Wakanda is a futuristic Africa the world needs

The story this time follows T’challa, the latest king of the secretive Wakanda, who heads back to Wakanda for his coronation right after his father was killed in the UN building attack back in Civil War. Wakanda, is situated on a hotbed of vibranium, which for those who follow the Marvel universe closely thus far, is the same material that Captain America’s shield is made from.

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The battle scenes can be considered to be fast, fluid and impactful

The plot revolves around a plot that involves stolen vibranium whereby T’challa and his team of warriors, the Dora Milaje have to intervene to ensure that the secrecy of Wakanda is secure. However, events begin to escalate when one of their countries exiled descendants make an appearance and try to usurp the throne from T’challa.

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Colours are vibrant in Black Panther

Overall, the movie did justice to the character, with accurate portrayals of Wakanda, as well as some of the most aesthetical scenes that have been portrayed in a Marvel film yet. The concept of afro-futurism within this movie is apparent as it shows on the costume designs and the surrounding architecture.

The movie is also complemented with some of the best soundtracks we have had for a Marvel movie. With a mix and match of tribal African instruments and new age techno, the soundtrack accompanies each scene nicely and adds a fresh new perspective on each iteration.


If there was one thing that Black Panther lacked, it was depth. Sure the foundation of Wakanda was well placed, and the characters were diverse and have the unique culture to back them up, but the plot didn’t feel well thought out. The main villain of the series, Killmonger, had very little reason to blow up the world other than bringing up another case of #BlackLivesMatter.  This movie did not feel like it had any buildup, rather it was just riding on autopilot the whole time.

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The Dora Milaje, kinda like the Black Panther’s secret service

Overall, Black Panther does not fall short as a Marvel adaptation, and it is one of the better ones and considering this is the first Marvel movie for the year, it sets a high bar for subsequent Marvel movies to reach. However, at the end of the day, some parts just felt like a filler to bridge it to Avengers: Infinity War.

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