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Popping Pimples Toy Are A Hit!

by Natasha Christopher

Are you the type of person who loves to pop a ripe pimple regardless if it’s on you or on others? Then, Pop It Pal is toy you should be purchasing to satisfy your inner popping pimple skills. This is a squishy toy that recreates the sensation of popping huge zits.


2018 might just be the year for Pop It Pal, where a “fake flesh” filled with disgusting little goo that comes out from elastic plastic. Pop It Pal features 15 fake zits that you can squeeze to experience the (apparently) satisfying feeling of seeing fake puss ooze out. Besides, you don’t have to worry about making sure the “fake goo” doesn’t run out as you can purchase a refill bottle so you can keep popping to your heart’s content.

The Pop It Pal is the brainchild of Billy and Summer Pierce, a couple of outspoken ‘pickers’, people who love watching pimple popping videos online. Yes, this term does exist!

Billy was driving one day when his wife asked him ‘how awesome would it be if we could make a pimple that felt real and the pop was huge, just like those videos we watch?’ I thought: ‘You might be on to something, Dear.’ He then spend the next year figuring how to make it happen.
pop it pal

“Make no mistake about it, we love that disgusting little habit nobody likes to talk about. Yup, it is our unique obsession,” Billy wrote on the Pop It Pal website.

Billy Pierce wishes and hope that his wife would stop pop every single pimples she’s seen in him and leave a hideous black scar after. The Pierces have been struggling to keep up with demand ever since the Pop It Pal launched, earlier this year, and it’s gotten even worse since their invention went viral last week.

According to the Pop It Pal website, due to high order volume, shipping can take up to six weeks in the US, and 9 weeks for international orders. Pop It Pal kits retail for $19.99, and an “all organic” pimple puss refill bottle will set you back $5.99. Enjoy!

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