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Samsung Presents Julian And His Magical Skates

by Nicolas See Tho

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Samsung is known for defying barriers, and that is exactly what the Do What You Can’t campaign is all about. The meaning behind this campaign is plain and simple, defy the odds, never be complacent and achieve the impossible. Its goal is to empower consumers into realising their ambitions, and with that, Samsung is aiming to continue to keep up with its innovations in order for more people to do impossible things.

Photo 1We are reaching out to this generation of doers, people who go out and make things happen. We want them to know that if the phone in your pocket can do anything, so can you. When the opportunity to support our first national figure skater Julian Yee came about, we jumped at the chance because Julian is a prime example of what it means to Do What You Can’t. Against all odds, Julian is today an Olympic contender in a sport that isn’t even common in Malaysia – and for that we are very proud of him and we hope others would see him as an inspiration to achieve greater things,” said Mr Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

With the coming Olympic Winter Games PyeonChang 2018. Samsung has released a short film called Julian and His Magical Skates, which is a special tribute to our first Malaysian figure skater who has qualified for the Winter Olympics.This video is made purely on the power of the Samsung Note8 S Pen, which goes to show the power of Samsung’s progress in innovation and the odds it has defied.

Julian Yee, Malaysian Olympic Figure Skater

Julian Yee, Malaysian Olympic Figure Skater

Mr Chan Woei Hern, Executive Director of Ensemble Worldwide Malaysia, who was commisioned to produce the brand film said ” The best technologies are often the simplest ones. Like a pair of skates for the S Pen. While at first, it may seem ordinary, but when placed in the hands of an expert or in this case Julia’s feet, then it becomes the author of magnificent creativity and has the power to garner attention like never before. Soon, for those who would like to see the story behind Julian and His Magical Skates, you can view the soon-to-be-released behind the scenes whereby everyone can experience the power of the new Samsung Note8 S Pen.

To view the short feature titled “Julian and His Magical Skates”, visit http://www.samsung.com/my/magicalskates/. Let’s bookmark this video as a reminder to continue pursuing what we are passionate about, and to continue supporting Julian as he represents Malaysia on the global Olympic stage.


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