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Exclusive Interview with Ecovacs Robotics

by Natasha Christopher

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Exclusive Interview with Jonathan Tang, Vice President of Global Channels at Ecovacs Robotics. He gives us an inside scoop on the largest vacuum cleaning innovator and how he envisioned this global company to reach to every individual.

1.Can you share a bit more about Ecovacs?

Ecovacs is the second largest robot product that has ever made. Its a brand that believes innovation helps advance human civilization, ECOVACS has a guiding vision to provide “A Robot for Every Family”. Ecovacs Robotics’ market share for Robotic Vacuum Cleaning has grown by over 100% in the Asia-Pacific region within five years to become the undisputed market leader since 2010.
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2. What makes Ecovacs stand out from the rest?

Ecovacs Robotics on its own is a brand specialist which own supply chains and manufacturer too that could cater to many customers and in turn, we provide the best of the best for everyone. We recognize how busy Malaysians are and so we are happy to have a solution to relieve them from house chores so that they can do more of the things they love through their very own home robots.
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3. What is this new product you’re about to launch and why this is the next best thing? 

This entire range of DEEBOT and WINBOT series for Malaysia is going to make everyone happy in their own home.  The latest DEEBOT OZMO series of floor cleaning robots features a sensor that allows a smarter switch between cleaning and mopping with a more efficient water flow. The efficiency and time saving are definitely one of the best outcomes. DEEBOT frees users from the time-consuming housework of vacuuming the home, offering people peace of mind and quality time to enjoy life.

4. What would be your business strategy to promote Ecovacs? 

I believe social media is a powerful platform to reach out to potential people in order for them to access to our good quality product. With Ban Leong partnering up with Ecovacs Robotics, we are pretty certain that customers will go home feeling happy and satisfied.
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5. What do you hope to see grow in this company in Malaysia?

I envisioned Ecovacs to one day be a top-notch market leader that is a strong brand. We hope with our products, we can lead more people towards a more time-saving lifestyle.




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