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Powerful Audio Meets Meticulous Sound Technology

by Nicolas See Tho

Last weekend,  Audio Visual Designs, a home sound technology expert had released two new devices for audiophiles and music enthusiast to experience. The first is SYZYGY, a new wireless Subwoofer sound system as well as the PMC Cor integrated amplifier.

PMC or Professional Monitor Company, has brought out a new amplifier that has been created using traditional methods, with a relatively simple circuit. The Cor is a very traditional amplifier built around the Darlington type circuit which delivers 95 watts into 8 Ohms or 140 watts into 4 Ohms. every element of the cor has been developed with the purity of sound at the top of the criteria list, while the four unbalanced RCA analogue inputs are joined by one pair of balanced XLR inputs and a set of direct inputs that connect straight to the power amplifier. The cor integrated does not feature any digital inputs and is an analogue amplifier made for the purist.

On the other hand, the SYZYGY is a subwoofer system that features Smartphone control via Android or iOS, a patented DRC(Digital Room Connection) with Soundsculpt Technology, Down-firing and front firing driver orientation for flexible installation capabilities. It also features high current BASH amplification for real-world dynamic power and control while sporting a ROHS/TUV/Eco design which makes it not only a powerhouse but low on power consumption.

For those of you who are interested in these new audio devices, here are the prices below:


Top speaker (SLF 800)

Top speaker (SLF 800)

SLF 800: RM2,500

820SLF820: RM3,700

830SLF 850: RM4,900

870SLF 870: RM 5,990

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