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Man Divorces Wife Because She Only Bathes Once a Year

by Natasha Christopher

Let me post this question to all of you. Would you rather give up bathing for a month or give up the internet for a month?


Even the monkey bathes! 

I would definitely without a doubt choose to bathe every day over anything else and that includes the Internet. I can’t even begin to comprehend the uneasiness, if I don’t bathe for at least one day.

However, this was not the case with a Taiwanese man who divorced his wife solely on the fact that she only bathes once a year.

This Taiwanese man recently had his petition for divorce approved by the New Taipei City District Court after he couldn’t stand his wife’s bad hygienic habits. The woman, surnamed Lin, allegedly bathes once a year and only occasionally washed her hair or even brush her teeth. GASPS!


The man claims that she bathes weekly when they first started dating but her poor hygiene became worse after they got married. Thus, their marriage went spiralling down. Both husband and wife are unemployed, while the man stays at home and takes care of his elderly father-in-law.

“We remained poor, as neither of us had a job,” the man said, adding that he wasn’t even able to pay his National Health Insurance contribution which meant that he could not afford to visit a dentist.

Lin, disagrees with the whole divorce and claims that her husband is lying. However, the court supported the man’s reasoning behind his unwillingness to continue with the marriage. The court was at odds over work, family chores and hygiene and was evident that the marriage will not last for a long time to come. Lin can still appeal the ruling.


What a stinking mess of a divorce! Remember to always stay clean, guys!




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