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Photoshop Fail by Vanity Fair Gives Famed Stars Extra Limbs

by Nicolas See Tho

We have all seen how photoshop can help enhance our worst photos taken, while in some other cases, it takes amazing photos and adds weirdness to them. The latter is true in this case, as Vanity Fair seems to have given Oprah Winfrey an extra hand in this shoot. Check it out below:

Whoops! Oprah Winfrey, 63, was accidentally given three hands while posing with Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hanks for Vanity Fair's 24th annual 'Hollywood' issue

The extra hand on Reese Witherspoon means “you get a hand, and you can get a hand, everyone gets a hand”.


This does not seem to be the only mistake, as in another shot, we see Reese Witherspoon with 3 legs this time, check out this hilarious mistake:

Another mistake? People took to Twitter to point out that it looks like Reese has three legs in the photo featured on the magazine's cover 

Some wonders how does Reese Witherspoon juggle her busy schedule, it seems now we know, 3 legs is all it takes


The mistake seems to have caught on in the Internet as many are commenting on how Oprah has 3 hands and Reese Witherspoon has 3 legs. Even the affected stars poked fun of their hilarious pictures.

Laughing it off: 'I guess everybody knows now...I have 3 legs,' Reese joked on Twitter 

Jokes: Oprah responded to Reese's tweet, telling her she accepts her third leg 


This goes to show, even big publications do make mistakes such as these every once in a while.

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