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Nintendo Presents The Labo

by Nicolas See Tho

In what many deemed to be the most Nintendo thing that Nintendo has ever done, earlier this week Nintendo has released a new form of integration with their Switch with the release of the Labo.

Half Part DIY project, Half Part Robotics, the Labo is a series of cardboard creations introduced by Nintendo which uses the Nintendo Switch to create an immersive all round experience utilising these components. Heres the trailer below to give you a better idea of how the Labo works:

From the trailer above, we can see that users can create a 13 key piano, a fishing mechanism, a bike racing simulator, and even robotic companions. While the target for the Labo is obviously aimed at kids, we can see there might even be interest from some of the adults who are curious to get this for themselves.

The Nintendo Labo will be released on April, and it looks like we can expect many more forms to be released by then.

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