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SEIKO Prospex Promises Versatility On Land and In Water

by Natasha Christopher

Prospex, the world-renowned dive watches from SEIKO, recently unveiled several latest additions to its existing line of an innovative collection, including an exclusive preview of the much-anticipated SEIKO Prospex SPB071J1.

This special edition timepiece further extends SEIKO’s pursuance of safety and enjoyment for divers and was created in collaboration with the world’s largest diving network, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). SEIKO Prospex dive watches are designed to withstand the depths and the most extreme underwater environments.

 representatives from SEIKO presenting Southeast Asian Games and reigning Commonwealth Games Diving champion and gold medalist, Ooi Tze Liang of the SEIKO Prospex SPB071J1. 
Seiko Watch Corporation Senior Manager of Sales Department Mr.Yukiaki Suganuma said, “For more than 50 years, dive watches from SEIKO Prospex have undergone tremendous innovation while staying true to the brand’s inherent spirit of well-built watches, from being Japan’s first dive watch invented to many other world’s firsts. We are elated to introduce more of SEIKO Prospex models to Malaysia; it is indeed a joy to receive such positive response from avid adventurers and watch aficionados alike.”
Top 5 Features to look for in a Dive Watch that SEIKO fulfils;

1. Versatile Design; fit for work and play

A well-designed dive watch will look great in nearly every outfit. Even if your dive watches clearly are on the sportier side of the style spectrum, a good one will be versatile enough to take the wearer from the sea into the ballroom.

2. Able to tell the time accurately without distortion even in the dark

Good dive watches must be designed for best readability underwater. The numbers must be clearly visible and easily readable, and the minute hand must be clearly distinguishable from the hour hand. If it has anti-reflective sapphire crystals, it will be even better as it can minimise underwater dial distortions.

3. Fulfill the ISO standard of 6425:1996

A true dive watch should conform to the ISO standard of 6425:1996, where a series of tests have been undertaken to ensure resistance to at least 100 meters depth.

4. Uni-Directional Bezel 

The bezel should be uni-directional, and best if rotating counterclockwise, so that the bezel cannot be accidentally knocked off position in the clockwise direction and thus understate the elapsed time being measured.

5. Toughness

Excellent dive watches must be able to withstand a higher external force, shock and water pressure when compared to other watches. Case and band material must be corrosion resistant; stainless steel, titanium, silicone and rubber are the materials that will ensure that the dive watches serve the users well.
The SEIKO Prospex roadshow located at the Centre Court in Mid Valley Megamall is ongoing until 21 January 2018.

For more information, please visit  SEIKO’s Facebook page.


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