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Hackers Get Away With $400,000 Worth Of Crypto Currency

by Nicolas See Tho

In what could be one of the most sudden attacks on cryptocurrency, hackers have stolen $400,000 worth of virtual currency Stellar Lumen in an online attack on Saturday.

This heist was done when the hacking group hijacked the server which hosts BlackWallet, a web-based wallet application which stored lumen and ransacked 669,920 from user accounts.  Stellar Lumen is considered the 8th most popular virtual currency in the world.

Bitrex is one of the biggest virtual currency exchanges in the market, which makes it a good platform for the hackers to disappear into.

Prior to the attack, BlackWallet had tried to warn users on the impending attack on its forums but many logged in regardless, causing them to lose money. The hackers have since moved the money to Bitrex, a virtual currency exchange whereby it would be converted into another virtual currency to avoid detection.

The developer whose online alias is Orbit84 stated that he has since disabled the hosting account and websites and advises the remaining unaffected users to move their money to a new wallet.


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