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Ed Sheeran Has A Doppelganger And It Looks Almost Real

by Natasha Christopher

Looks like “Perfect” isn’t the only thing Ed Sheeran is singing nowadays, a man by the name of Wesley Byrne looks almost close to the perfection of the “The Shape Of You” singer.

Wesley Byrne’s resemblance to Ed Sheeran is so uncanny, fans are mistaking him for the singer! He was even advised by his superiors to stop taking selfies during work. He stocks shelves in a supermarket, so imagine the number of selfies he must have taken with the people before he was told not to.

He recently appeared on the morning show on ITV’s This Morning, the doppelganger reveals his girlfriend is not happy with the attention he is getting and sometimes he has to reject his so-called fans. The TV show sent him to busk in the street while serenading to the pedestrians and that act managed to deceive many of them and some even are convinced its the real Ed Sheeran.

This is not the first time an Ed Sheeran doppelganger has come about. Fans were floored when a photo of a baby who looks nearly identical to Ed Sheeran surfaced on the internet, but perhaps no one was quite as shocked as Sheeran himself.

Whatever it is, keep being you, Wesley.

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