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Stephen Colbert’s Interview With Michael Wolff Reveals Much About The Trump Affair

by Nicolas See Tho

If there is anything worth being news out there on the airwaves nowadays it would be all the late night talk shows that seem to be more newsworthy than the actual news stations. As always, I have been keeping up with Stephen Colbert and his latest interview with Michael Wolff on his book Fire and Fury. Here is the clip below:

Fire and Fury is a book that highlights the past year of the Trump administration and reveals the inside look at this weird unorthodox think tank, and from what has been revealed thus far, it seems like there is no end to the reality twists that is Trump.

Here are some of the highlights from his book and some from the interview above:

  • Donald Trump would go to his bed at 6.30pm, surrounded by 3 Tv screens while eating cheeseburgers when not having dinner with Steve Bannon
  • The administration is fractured into so many camps that Donald Trump, Ivanka and Jared and Steve Bannon, each had their own press secretary, which lead to many leaks from the White House.
  • From the book, it was known by most of his campaign antics that Trump wasn’t expecting to win the election, and the Trump family had planned for Ivanka to be the first to try for the presidency. The win came as a shock to Trump and Melania.
  • Many of his colleagues expressed that Trump is unfit to be President and according to excerpts from the book, Trump is semi-literate and of unstable mental health.
  • Among others, the most shocking news here is that Wolff said that these events are all true with multiple recordings and tapings of these events.

Well, it seems like this book would definitely be worth a read as it opens up our eyes to how whacky this sequence of events had become and we can also see how all these events unfolded from the insider’s perspective.

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