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Fitness VR Of The Future Has Arrived

by Nicolas See Tho

When you hear the term gaming you are probably thinking about overweight nerds hanging around in their basement all day playing games. While that stereotype is not always true, gamers aren’t always the fittest bunch. Which is why when VR was introduced, there has been plenty of buzz on how this could change the fitness landscape. Recently, at CES 2018, a startup company called Black Box VR has revealed a new VR  workout experience for gamers.

Woman using VR gym kit

This new virtual reality experience is incorporated into a bespoke resistance training machine powered by an HTC Vive headset. The whole setup is estimated to be at the size of a family bathroom. This machine is one of the first few innovations which aims to merge VR and fitness together.

VR controllers

The kit requires users to be hands free in order for them to get a physical grip on the equipment

Black Box VR aims to bring this concept into specialized gyms across the United States, whereby each member will be granted access to their own black box space which provides a gamified workout which will allow the users to track their own progress.

Man using VR gym kit

“Most people stop going [to the gym] after a couple of weeks so adherence is something that’s a critical factor of what we’re trying to solve,” general manager Jim Bradbury.



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