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1.1 Million People Voted This Man as the Greatest Actor

by Natasha Christopher

“Run, Forest Run”, and off he went to the finish line of becoming the greatest actor in the entertainment industry. The man that’s been voted by the film fans that think he deserves these golden statues as 1.1 million of them agreed on him as being the best actor of all time in a poll according to Ranker is none other than Tom Hanks himself.


Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as Tom Hanks has played in roles that defined him as a versatile actor. The fantastic actor that he is, and also incredibly likable coming across as a genuinely nice guy.

A truly hard-working Hollywood hero, the list of hits Hanks has made seems endless including Forrest GumpSaving Private Ryan and Captain Phillips. Hanks is a five-time Oscar nominee taking home the gong for Best Actor twice so far in his career.


The Toy Story was also another favourite and greatest childhood trilogies of all time that Tom Hanks made famous by being a voice over for Woody,  a toy cowboy with big dreams.

Not only can he play fun characters but also a mature dramatic genre roles and excel well in them to the point of earning few awards as mentioned earlier.


In the poll, he managed to beat Bette Davis who came in a second,  the godfather himself Marlon Brando took third and James Stewart who came in at fourth.

This year, Tom Hanks stars alongside heavyweight actress in the industry, Meryl Streep in the highly acclaimed and strong review movie, The Post – that some say might just get the Oscar winnings – directed by Steven Spielberg. Somewhat similar storyline to The Spotlight,  The Post portrays a journalistic drama that a hidden secret the Government has been keeping.  Hanks plays the hard-driving editor of The Washington Post, Ben Bradlee, as they do battle with the government in an attempt to publish the Pentagon Papers.

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