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Niagara Falls, a Truly Cold Adventure

by Natasha Christopher

Winter has arrived for one of the most visited places in the world! As temperatures drop in the northeast corner of the United States, icy water that goes over the roaring Niagara Falls crashes into the rocks below and turns solid.

Horseshoe Falls Aerial View before winter comes
Niagara Falls is one place the nation’s deep freeze is as much seen as it is felt. Visitors hardy enough to withstand the bone-chilling cold are treated to snapshots and selfies in a fairytale winter wonderland.

Known in the past as the premiere Honeymoon destination, this geological wonder is not only one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of New York and the world, but also functions as one of the major power providers to the state itself. Comprised of three waterfalls — American Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls — Niagara Falls water stems from the upper Great Lakes and the river is estimated to be 12,000 years old. The falls also acts as an international border between Canada and the United States; more specifically, between the province of Ontario and the state of New York.
This is not the first time Niagara Falls has looked this icy cold. In 1911, it was so icy cold back then that it formed a blanket of ice that has spanned the entire Niagara River, the phenomenon has been known as the “ice bridge. People would even walk across the ice bridge, though no one has been allowed to do the latter since 1912 when the bridge unexpectedly broke apart and three tourists died.

Ever since then, precautionary steps have been made so every visitors can enjoy the full chilly experience that Niagara Falls offers during winter. So, if you are planning on going to Niagara Falls, winter is certainly one of the best timing to go unless you can’t stand the cold!

AP Niagara Falls

Image from The Baltimore Sun Darkroom




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