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Pokemon Go Goes To China

by Nicolas See Tho

Niantic, the creator of the pop hit Pokemon Go has announced plans for launching their game in the bountiful land of China.

According to Niantic, they would be bringing the augmented reality game to China after they have negotiated a deal with Chinese company NetEase. China has strict regulations on foreign companies launching digital ventures covering online content on its soil, which mostly involves the ventures to partner up with local companies.

John Hanke, Niantic CEO has stated that it has absolutely intended to expand to China as that is where one of the world’s largest populations lie and it is also the world’s largest mobile market. The Pokemon game involves players using their smartphones to find and catch the game’s titular monsters in the real world. They then use the captive creatures to battle other players. Augmented reality (AR) technology inserts the monsters when people view the world through their phone’s camera.

The China launch is expected to be set during the second half of 2018.

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