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Early AI Diagnosis Improves Chances For Heart/Cancer Patients

by Nicolas See Tho

Medicine has grown leaps and bounds with the advancements in technology, and recently, researchers at the Oxford hospital has developed an AI that can help diagnose heart disease and lung cancer.

These new systems are reported to be able to save billions of dollars by enabling these diseases to be picked up earlier and this technology will be first made available to UK hospitals for free later this year.

Currently, cardiologists can tell from the timing of the heartbeat in scans if there is a problem. But even the best doctors get it wrong in one in five cases. Patients are either sent home and have a heart attack or they undergo an unnecessary operation. What this AI does is it picks up readings that can be missed due to human error whereby it will provide a recommendation of positive or negative to whether the patient is at risk of a heart attack.

The system, called Ultromics, was trained to identify potential problems by being fed the scans of 1,000 patients who Prof Leeson had treated over the past seven years, along with information about whether they went on to have heart problems.


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