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Acclaimed Youtuber Logan Paul Blasted By Media

by Nicolas See Tho

Logan Paul, a Youtuber popularly known for his pranks and vlog challenges has recently come into a hot mess after uploading a video from his trip to Japan.

His recent travels to Japan led him and his friends to Aokigahara, which is popularly known as Suicide Forest whereby he had intended to film a haunting. Little did he know, his group would stumble upon a dead body which had committed suicide. From the video, he made jokes and even zoomed in on the victim which then prompted a big backlash which is also the first big backlash for 2018. The group is filmed approaching the body, which is shown in several close-ups where only the face is blurred out.

Online commenters had stated that his actions show no respect for the victim and it is absolutely disgusting. The video had been uploaded on Sunday and has already reached 15 million viewers. the video had since been removed by Youtube for explicit and gory content.

Logan Paul had since uploaded his apology for his behaviour on Twitter as can be seen below:


Aokigahara is infamously known internationally as a place whereby suicide rates are quite severe and specific numbers have never been shown in order to not spread any hopeful suicide attempts. There are signs placed all over the forest which advises anyone to take medical help rather than choose suicide.

Logan Paul has been trending on Twitter since Monday, and here are some of what other celebrities and Youtubers are saying about him:





While some had commented on how he has raised awareness on depression, many are overwhelmingly negative on how he had handled the situation. What do you guys think? did he handle this situation wrong? 

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