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Man Returns Home After Family Cremated Him Months Ago

by Natasha Christopher

Image via GhHeadlines

Imagine you’ve cremated your loved ones a few months ago only to see the deceased walking to your house doorsteps? Yikes! That ought to be another Paranormal Activity festivity going on within the family. Now, before you all get creeped out, this story seems to be a huge misunderstanding.

A 44-year-old man name Sakorn Sacheewa recently gave a huge shock to his family when he walked in his house healthy as ever at his home in Ban Lao Fai of tambon Lao Khwang in Non Khun district on Sunday, Thai media reported.


A few months ago, on 18 May, Sakorn’s family was contacted by the police. They were asked to collect his body after he passed away due to a digestive disease in a rented room in the Phra Nakhon district. His cousin Nakornchai Pimklang, 33 said that his family were asked to identify his body. He noticed the body had different two front teeth where else for the real Sakorn, he doesn’t have it. He pointed this issue to the official but they advised him to take and claim the body as the deceased was swollen badly. The family took the body home and held religious rites for three days before the cremation. The bone relics were placed in a chedi at Wat Ban Lao Fai.

Everyone was certainly shocked when he returned home (I mean who wouldn’t?!) The cousin kept touching his face to see if he was real. The family informed village headman Veerasak Manthong, who had known Mr Sakorn for a long time. Mr Veerasak confirmed it was the real Mr Sakorn who had showed up at the house.

The real story behind this is that Sakorn said he had been working on a fishing boat based in Nakhon Si Thammarat since Jan 24, 2016. During that time a Myanmar worker had stolen his identification card and fled. He reported the missing card and had been issued a new one at Khanom district office in the southern province. He had now left the job and had returned home, only to find his family thought him long dead and cremated.

Now, that is some fascinating homecoming story to tell during a sleepover party.

Source: Bangkok Post

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