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Coop Yourself at Chicken House

by Natasha Christopher

If you’re a lover of fried chicken and anything that has to do with chicken, this Korean born restaurant is made for you!. An extension of the first outlet in Ampang, opened its doors in 2008, this restaurant has been serving a variety of Korean fried chicken for 4 years and running. Don’t mistake it for a simple chicken joint, this place serves Korean steamboat and
soju (Korean rice wine)! You can also find Chicken House at their newest outlet in E-G- 11, Plaza Arkadia, Jalan Intisari Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
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Food is a universal connector, so why not start from fried chicken? -Han Hyu Dung, Owner of Chicken House-

We were pleasantly surprised and delighted to try 12 different kinds of flavours (there are more flavours too that we didn’t try!). This place is a little difficult to spot but if you’re finding the place through Waze, it should be a breeze locating the area.

As you walk in, you will be instantly greeted with friendly staff members and owners of the restaurant, Han Hyo Dong, who has been so gracious in explaining the many types of chicken they serve here and the wonders behind their recipes.
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Let’s begin with Hot Chilli GanJeong half Chicken. Priced at RM45, this elegant simple dish fits for those who love to add some spiciness to their palette. This sweet and spicy Korean made is essentially one of the best things to eat over meet up with friends and just to have a good time. The flavours instantly pop into your mouth and always be sure to have water by
your side as some could not take the heat.
Next, we move on to No Flour Fried Half Chicken that costs RM32. Packed with no ingredients whatsoever, incredibly this dish taste so good even without any additional flavouring. Definitely, a must try in this case!
This was one of our favourites which is the Soy Sauce with Garlic Half Chicken, RM 38. The aroma exuded by this chicken is exceptional, tingling all your senses with its aroma. As you indulge in this masterpiece, you’ll instantly get hooked by the balance of the garlic and soy sauce that’s infused with the chicken. Perfect for a family gathering.

Chicken is not the only thing we tried. We managed to channel our inner foodie with the Egg Roll with Cheese, priced at RM 40. When you cut through this bright dish, the cheesiness that oozes out from the egg roll is simply stunning and just melts in your mouth. Nothing can go wrong with a little cheese on anything.

seafood mili
What connects everyone through food? Steamboat is the answer! We were served with a huge portion of Seafood Military Soup Regular RM80. If you are coming in a big group, it is suggested to get the large set which is priced at RM120.00. For extra spicy powder, additional RM5.00 will be charged. Packed with kimchi, seaweed, noodles, prawns, mussels, mushroom, tofu, sausages, and squid. Definitely, a pack of whole seafood goodness!

Dine in at Chicken House today and get your fried chicken and Korean food cravings fixed!
Chicken House
017- 678 7533
12 PM- 12 AM daily
15, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.


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