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Fake “Solo” Movie Posters Being Shared Around

by Nicolas See Tho

While the hype train for Star Wars has dimmed down since The Last Jedi, there are many who are looking for new upcoming materials to fuel the next hype, and one of them is the Star Wars spinoff movie which focuses on Han Solo. Yesterday, movie posters on the upcoming movie seemed to have made an appearance after a supposed leak, and you can see how they look like here:

Sadly, these are fake. According to a statement by Disney and Lucasfilm, the artwork on these posters aren’t real, and these posters were first posted online by a group called Licensing Russia. The upcoming Solo movie has also been in the news previously as it got off to a shaky start, with Phil Lord and Chris Miller had been replaced as directors and Ron Howard being called in to handle the reins.  Howard has since reshot a considerable amount of the movie since he had been brought in and it shouldn’t be too long until early teasers make their way online.

The Han Solo spinoff movie features Alden Ehrenreich as the young Han Solo accompanied by a playful young Chewbacca.  Lando Calrissian is played by Danny Glover, Woody Harelson will be playing one of Han Solo’s Mentor and some new characters are being brought into the mix such as Emilia Clarke’s Kira. The new Solo movie is debuting next year on May 25th, so we can say that the Star Wars fandom has quite a lineup ready and waiting for them.

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