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Juicy D Makes Dessert A Healthy Supplement

by Nicolas See Tho

It’s not every day you hear of a dessert being a healthy option in your diet especially when desserts are connotated to diabetes and obesity, but with this latest product called Juicy D, a belly reducing dessert might be the thing for sweet tooth aficionados everywhere.


Last weekend, we had the opportunity to witness the launch of this new product at L’Motichan in Bangsar, and joining the crowd were known social influencers and business partners who were keen or finding out more about this delicious new delight.

Here is the first look, at the product

Here is the first look, at the product


Juicy D is a specially concocted jelly pudding made for body cleansing, metabolism boost, detox, improve and regulate gastrointestinal functions and promote cell metabolism. All of which comes in a form of a tasty pudding that satisfies your craving for a sweet after meal snack.

Juicy D comes in two variants which are Peach and Milk Thistle. The peach pudding comes in Vitamin C and iron which are vital for good skin. The Vitamin C helps to strengthen active skin tissues and regenerate skin collagen while increasing quantity of haemoglobins which helps. Peach is also rich in alkali content and fibre which helps boost the cleansing of body toxins.

Milk Thistle, on the other hand,  has some history in the health department. 2000 years ago, Europeans have used Milk Thistle seeds as a medicine for liver ailments. Many women back then thought they were born commonly with jaundice when in fact it was because of low liver functions. The milk thistle extracts also boost the regeneration of stem cells which help protect the liver and repairs damaged cells

Juicy D Jelly Pudding is already on sale on their Facebook page here: Juicy D

You can also purchase Juicy D on their Instagram page here:

Instagram : juicyd_pudding


The exterior view of Juicy D


An inside view on what the pudding cups look like

Juicy D launch event was sponsored by :

Decoration by Cheryl_florist
T-shirt by LARISSA CR
Flower by SAPPHIRE


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