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Singapore Goes Cashless With One Of Their Cafes Using Bitcoin

by Nicolas See Tho

In a bid to adopt new technologies, Singapore has recently seen a cafe adopt Bitcoin as a payment scheme in what is to be its first cashless cafe which has opened in CBD.

The cafe is called Ducatus Cafe, which is currently owned by Ducatus Global, a cryptocurrency mining company, and this unique cafe does not accept cash as part of its daily transactions as it only accepts Bitcoins, net payment, credit cards and other forms of cashless payments.

It’s eatery at the Oxley Tower by Robinson Road currently only accepts Bitcoin, and it’s very own Ducatus Coin, and it is implementing plans to accept other cryptocurrencies in the near future. “The idea of the cafe was developed because we wanted to make sure that people can use our Ducatus coins, but also Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in day-to-day business.

Ducatus coin has only recently been launched in Singapore earlier this year and has been valued at SGD 0.13. It seems that the cryptocurrency trend might see a place in conventional markets after all, and will this be a new paradigm shift towards more operations with cashless payments? I guess we will be finding that out in the near future.


Image credits: Business Insider

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