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Shure MV88 – iOS Portable Microphone

by Natasha Christopher

Whether you’re an artiste or simply enjoy listening to music, here is possibly one of the most innovative products you can benefit from! The Shure MV88 is an excellent digital stereo condenser microphone specifically designed for iOS devices – iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Design and Usage

This one-of-a-kind record in stereo is crafted to match the same audio standards in a professional studio setting. The Shure MV88 microphone has a zippered compact carrying case which is small enough to fit in your pocket. To use, just attach the stereo microphone to any of your iOS devices’ lightning connector. This microphone has an “elbow”, enabling you to point the mic in the same direction you are shooting with your phone – rotating to left or right with a 90-degree hinge.
The microphone is efficient to use as well; all you need to do is just install the Motiv app – (which is free!) – and plug the microphone into the lightning connector on your iOS device and you’re ready to record! The app controls and configures the Shure MV88 and saves your recordings in uncompressed WAV format. You can also convert your recording to a more manageable AAC format for sharing.


Shure MV88 functions when it is attached to a device, hence eliminating the need for batteries or memory cards. The no-fuss design makes it easy to handle; even beginners can achieve good and clean audio recordings on the fly. However, do ensure your device is in Do Not Disturb and Airplane modes for best results. The recordings are kept in high-quality uncompressed 24bitrate, 48 kHz recording by the Motiv app. There is a huge difference in performance between Shure MV88 and built-in microphones in the iOS devices. Noise is reduced greatly in general, and recorded conversations can be heard in full clarity with the Shure MV88. This digital stereo microphone also delivers impeccable sound quality live; it captures live music very well you can distinguish every instrument being played. It seems to filter out a good deal of soft background noise when used for narration or for a Youtube video.

Although Shure MV88 is small in size, the uses are profoundly big it surprises even experienced musicians. With the quality being very close to a full-fledged recording studio, this stereo microphone takes the portable audio recording to a whole new level.


Weight: 40.5 grams | Frequency Response: 20 to 20 kHz | Adjustable gain +36Db | Maximum SPL: 120dB

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