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World Longest Slide to Open in Penang

by Natasha Christopher

What’s not to love about water, theme parks and tons of fun? For all you thrill-seekers out there, call your family and friends and get ready to experience the world’s longest slide and it’s in Malaysia! So best lah! 

It will debut in Penang’s ESCAPE theme park. ESCAPE is the fun destination for exciting rides and games hosted in a natural environment. ESCAPE was created by a successful international theme park designer and creator who was born in Penang. The park is the reflection of his childhood growing up on this island and is the realisation of the founder’s vision of reintroducing the play of yesteryear in a contemporary setting – his belief in the ultimate theme park.
The world’s longest slide will be 1 kilometre long. The current Guinness World Records holder of the world’s longest water slide is located in Vernon, New Jersey at 1,975-feet long (0.6km).

Fun fact: Riders will be chair-lifted to a height of 420m to the top!

Geez, if you are afraid of heights and want to overcome it, this is the place for you!

However, keep your excitement on hold first because the park and slide will open in December 2018, and will open to the public the following year! So in the meantime, watch the excitement of what the ESCAPE theme park has to offer.


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