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Create Magical Winter with Snow Orient

by Natasha Christopher

Do you want to know what it feels like to touch snow? With Orient Snow, you can make your dreams come true! From the world leaders of winter effects for movies (such as Narnia, James Bond ‐ Day After Tomorrow, Snow White, The Huntsman & others.) comes a little bit of Hollywood magic you can use to create your own snowy scene at home. Display Snow Fine, Display Snow Middle, Display Snow Course They are all fire redundant, environment-friendly, recyclable, non-irritant
and non-toxic, and of course, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) approved. Application: To create indoor winter effect, may be used on Christmas tree, ornament display area and so on.

How to use:

Spray water onto your decorations and lightly sprinkle the display snow on top of your decorations where the water is, then lightly dust ice sparkles on the areas with display snow.
To remove:

Clean off with the broom or vacuum cleaner.

Storage: Display snow and Ice sparkles contain as much recycled material as we can obtain from other manufacturing processes. Due to the high performance of the products, it can be reused or recycled again.
Packing Weight/size: 80g of Display Snow, 10g of Ice Sparkle
Price: RM 69.90

Snow Blanket
These are synthetic fibres, environmentally-friendly, recyclable, non-toxic and certified by MSDS.
Application: Snow Blanket are artificial fallen snow for visual effects, the product will be the first layer of the assigned area such as tabletop and centrepiece before any decoration.
To remove: Wrap it up

Storage: keep dry, store in cool place, keep at temperature below 122°F
Packing Weight/size: 80 cm x 100cm, 158g
Price: RM 45.90
Polymer Snow

These are environment-friendly, easy to use, non-irritant and certified by MSDS.

Application: Artificial dressed snow effect. powder. When mixed with water it expands up to 4000%
producing a very realistic settled snow effect. Polymer is fantastic for creating impressions for
dressing over ice effects where it can create a more slippery surface and can be used to create slush
effects when oversaturated.

To remove: Clean off with the broom or vacuum machine.

Storage: Store in tightly closed original container in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Prevent this
product from electric equipment against sparking in case of risk of explosion, and direct from

Since Christmas is around the corner, why don’t you spruce up your
Christmas tree or any holiday events with Orient Snow today?



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