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BenQ Reveals Their Latest Line Of Modern Home Projectors

by Nicolas See Tho

BenQ, one of the worlds leading DLP projector brand has recently announced the launch of the new CineHome W17004K UHD HDR home projector which has the latest UHD 4K technologies with over 8.3 million pixels of true UHD 4K resolution, as well as CinematicColor accuracy and projection optimised HDR for vivid and detailed imaging.

A close look at the BenQ UHD 4K Home Cinema W1700 projector

A close look at the BenQ UHD 4K Home Cinema W1700 projector

“We are excited to be able to introduce BenQ’s state-of-the-art home cinema projector. The new W1700 brings home the magic of the big screen 4K digital cinema to a wider audience at an affordable price,” said President and Chief  Executive Officer of BenQ Corporation Mr Conway Lee.” We are stepping up a notch by providing the latest in UHD HDR technology-it is a whole new level of resolution. This new cinema projector will let audiences enjoy a theatre-like experience right in their living room with friends and family.To put it simply, it offers a lot of conveniences”.

The W1700 uses a revolutionary 0.47-inch single DMD DLP technology helps to minimise the already slim profile of the projector and it is equipped with a pure 4K optimised the optical system for ultimate image precision and colour accuracy without artefacts which affect the LCD projectors.

Take a look at that awesome pristine resolution

Take a look at that awesome pristine resolution

The 4K quality is complemented by the High Dynamic Range (HDR) support which offers greater brightness and contrast range with auto image optimisation to create realistic detail that is cinema worthy. It is also ready with HDCP 2:2 copy protection enabling users to enjoy the latest 4K content. The W1700 also employs the exclusive BenQ CinematicColor technology and RGBRGB colour wheel which meets the industry standard when it comes to colour accuracy. In order to accurately portray the pictures as filmmakers intended, it is also able to produce over 96% coverage of REC,709 colour gamut with precise Delta 3 performance.

Additionally, the audiovisual performance is further enhanced with the proprietary CinemaMaster Cideo+ and CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 technologies which turn even the most generous of spaces into an all-encompassing auditorium.

Connectivity-wise, the W1700 switches to a smart projector by connecting an HDMI dongle such as the Google Chromecast Or Amazon Fire Stick to instantly allow you to stream, your favourite movies and series and even video games, via PS4 to the big screen, all in pristine fidelity.

The new BenQ W1700 4K UHD Home Cinema projector is already available this month and the standard retail price starts at RM7,999 at authorized dealers nationwide and online at Lazada. For more information check out their website here



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