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A Strange Asteroid May Hold Alien Water

by Nicolas See Tho

First discovered on 19th October, a strange asteroid scientist believe to be beyond our Solar System is seen heading towards our star system, according to a study done by scientific observers, who have named this asteroid Oumuamua.  Scientists believe that this asteroid may contain “alien water” from beyond our realms.

Initially disproved by the scientific community because of how the asteroid is not outgassed when it approached the Sun, it has been found later that there might still be a chance of alien water being found, as it may be behind a thick layer of carbon coating on the asteroid’s surface.

The asteroid is said to be, long and elongated, and researchers are listening through four different radio waves for any indication of alien technology.According to these researchers, the rate of light being reflected on this asteroid matches that of icy objects within our Solar System which mean water is evident.

So do you think that this asteroid is an alien ship in disguise? Should we bring out our foil hats in anticipation?. Let us know in the comments below.

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