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How Do Detect When A Person is Lying to You?

by Natasha Christopher

Don’t you just hate it when someone lies to you about the simplest things? I am perceived as a gullible person by nature and of course, my close friends will take the chance to use my disadvantages against me. Being able to trust a person is good but don’t you sometimes wish if we knew a way to tell when someone is giving us a huge pile of BS. Well, search no more.


Yeah, he knows…

1.Uncomfortable staring

The best way to detect a liar is when you are asking a question to a person straight on, and they don’t give you eye contact. According to behavioural analyst Dr Lillian Glass and her book, The Body Language of Liars, what usually happens with liars is they break eye contact. However, true sociopaths do their best to avoid that. There is also a special breed of liar where they have mastered the secrets to not show that they are deceiving someone by maintaining deep eye contact in a way to trick them. American fraudster and former stockbrokers used to do this a lot until he was found guilty of ripping billions of money off from his clients. Best way to combat it is by fingers to the eye.


2. Hiding their mouth or face 

There are no real truths to this but telltale sign of lying is that a person will automatically put their hands over their mouth when they don’t want to deal with an issue or answer a question. When adults close their mouth or cover their lips, it’s a sign that they are probably not telling the truth or don’t want to reveal the real message behind. So when you’re talking with someone and you see their hand going to their mouth, just cut to the chase and ask them if they’re fibbing. Simple as that!


3. Quirky head movements

Everyone tilts their head when they are expressing a story that’s profound to them but it takes a true person to detect a liar. When a person shakes his or her head yes or no at the same time as when he or she speaks, you can pretty much rely on what that person says. However, if the shake comes after, you might just have found yourself a liar. “The head will be retracted or jerked back, bowed down, or cocked or tilted to the side,” said Dr Lilian Glass.


4. Provide way too much of information

Ever wondered sometimes when a person trying to sell a product, they tend to go on and on about how beneficial the product is to you and end up being deceived by their words. This is the same that goes for day to day person who lies. They tend to provide more and more “fake” information so they would hope that with all their talking and seeming openness, others will believe them.So, next time be sure to know the difference between sufficient and exaggerated information.


5. Difficulty in speaking

Have you seen all those crime interrogations videos where the guilty ones find it hard to speak and stumbled upon their words one by one? Same applies to this too.  For the most part, if somebody’s telling the truth, they’re going to tell it quickly and without hesitation. If they’re hiding something, however, they may take longer to spill a lie, since they’re working overtime to craft the thing. Other signs to watch out for include sudden lip biting or pursed lips.

There you have it! All you truth-seeking enthusiasts here’s for you! All the best and tell us how it goes!








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