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EDM Takes Myanmar By Storm

by Nicolas See Tho

It must have been a blast to be at Myanmar last weekend, as they had recently concluded the 808 Yangon Festival which saw over 12,000 EDM fanatics raving through the night during the festival.

The laser fest cost over USD$ 1 billion and the night was full of millennials coming by to storm the night with international DJ’s made their way to the hearts of all their Asian fans. This recent escapade is a sequel to their previous festival last year which saw esteemed DJ’s such as Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren and Hardwell make their way to their locale.

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This scene would not have made it in Myanmar if it was still under its previous militaristic junta rule, but with the new civilian government taking place, a change for modernity is observed, and this festival is just one of the signs of change and progress.

This year,  Israeli’s Vini Vici, Canadian duo DVBBS makes a return for a second year here in Yangon, and Australian DJ Timmy Trumpet makes his records known to the local crowd.

“In the West, hip-hop is coming back… but Asia is where the money is, where the market is.” 

EDM in Asia is growing more than ever before and even  in KL we see many festivals happening, so for our EDM readers out there who have been raving all these years, comment below and make yourself known .

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