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2018’s Guide To Become A Fashion Pro

by Natasha Christopher

According to the English Oxford Dictionary, fashion is defined as a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour. There is no doubt that media has a way of keeping up with a trend and exposing even the most complicated scenes behind the fashion industry. There is a variety of genres when it comes to fashion such as streetwear, casual wear, gothic, vintage, bohemian, chic look, sexy fashion style and many more. Who knows what’s in store for 2018 style? For now, this is our 2cents on future fashion trends.

men jumpsuit 1
Men’s jumpsuit
Who says women only are entitled to look good in a jumpsuit? Well, here’s your chance! The latest fuss on these all-in-one garments started earlier this year when a small team of entrepreneurs launched the RompHim, a male equivalent of the common women’s romper, on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. This divided the Internet with funny comments
while some netizens were more accepting. We personally believe men would look good in a men jumpsuit without looking like a toddler. Don’t believe us, just look at these pictures.


Art Infused Prints
What’s the best way to get your message across with your personality? Through your clothes! Yes, this is personified from the many fashion shows like Prada who featured a jacket which featured classic Andy Warhol graphic design to comical-inspired faces. 2018 is definitely going to be a year of interesting patterns that will really flatter the figure and grasp the
attention of the eye. Some can seem complex, some creative, but heck, we love it!

workout gear
Workout Gear
When you need to sweat it out, why don’t you do it with style? Fitness and healthy living seems to be the norm nowadays, and workout fashion is truly evolving whether you’re  sweating it out or just taking a casual stroll through the park. Sometimes, slapping on exercise tights with a simple t-shirt can make you stand out. It’s comfortable, attractive and makes everyone feels good about themselves.

Suit Up
There’s a lot of misconception that the male should symbolize a throne when wearing a suit. Guess what, gowns aren’t the only look on the red carpet. Female celebrities are starting their own trend by keeping suits genderless. Just take a look at how these trailblazers are rocking the fashion industry.

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