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Justice Was Served with Just A Bowl Of Mutton Soup

by Natasha Christopher

When you think crime cannot get any weirder, well here’s the summary:

A woman in India murdered her husband and it was the mutton soup that revealed her secret. Sounds confusing? Yes, I agree. But that’s not all, there’s more to this story.

M. Swathi, a 27-year-old nurse at a private hospital in Nagarkurnool town of Telangana state, was arrested on Sunday for allegedly murdering her 32-year-old husband, Sudhakar Reddy. Local news network NDTV reported that Swathi was having an affair with her physiotherapist named Rajesh, and the two hatched a plan to kill her husband.

Finally, when the day came for both of their plan to murder Swathi’s husband came about, they injected anaesthesia into Sudhakar. Once he became unconscious, they allegedly hit his head with an iron rod and killed him on the spot. His body was burnt in a forest.
What’s so weird about this story is when Swathi poured acid on her lover’s face and told her family that her husband had been attacked.

The plan was for Rajesh have a plastic surgery and take the place of the husband. However, the power of a bowl of a mutton soup was the real deal breaker in this story. Reports say that Sudhakar’s family picked up the strange behaviour from what they presumed to be Swathi’s husband. The family became suspicious when Rajesh refused to eat the mutton soup served to him as the real Sudhakar eats meat.

The suspicion became more clear when they notice the change in his behaviour and when the family ask him to spot his relatives, the “Sudhakar look-alike”(Rajesh) couldn’t answer.

The Indian Express said that Sudhakar’s brother then lodged a police report. The plan was busted after the police carried out fingerprint tests and discovered the discrepancy.

Swathi finally confessed to killing her husband after being questioned by police numerous times.She had reportedly told Rajesh she was unhappy in her marriage.

The police told BBC that they will be arresting Rajesh after he has been treated for facial burns and discharged from the hospital.


Moral of the story: Never underestimate mutton soup.







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