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A $52 Billion Dollar Takeover Sees Disney Acquiring Fox

by Nicolas See Tho

There you have it, ladies and gentleman, the House of Mouse has closed the deal on one of the biggest acquisitions in recent years, as they have closed a $52 billion dollar deal on acquiring Fox films and television rights. This marks a break in tradition for Fox owner, Rupert Murdoch as he has always prioritised on media expansion.  He has added saying that the break up was timely due to the forces of online advertising and competitors who are streaming content directly to the home.

For movie fans, this means that we will soon be seeing the whole Marvel universe finally merging together under its household, and we can expect to see over 40 more new movies which will take place from events from the comics. As a big Marvel comic fan, I can only say this is the real genesis for Marvel Studios.

We will also be seeing a new branch of Disney which will cater to adults who want less family fun and more gritty violence with a new branch of Disney called Disney-R, which will focus more on R-rated movies like Deadpool, or future Wolverine/X-Men titles.

This will also mean that Fox will be reduced to a leaner, more news-centric channel with a focus on just reporting. So what do you think about this acquisition with Disney?



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