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Bullied Boy Gets Attention From Celebrities

by Natasha Christopher

This heartbreaking video of a young boy named Keaton Jones recently made the headlines with details of what his bullies have done to him. These shocked and saddened netizens on how bullying is a serious issue that has yet to be rectified. Since the video went viral, there were numerous support and encouragement from celebrities.

 “I’ve been bullied most of my life. It really hit drastically in third grade and it’s been awful ever since then,” he said. “They call me mean, horrendous names, like all kinds of awful things. They say nobody likes me, they make fun of my nose, my scars, they’ve poured milk on me and poured ham down my clothes, thrown bread at me.”

Captain America’s Chris Evan had even invited him and his mum to the premiere of Avengers.


Keaton said that while he was scared to come forward about the bullying for fear of making it worse, he found some support in school from one of his teachers, as well as from his family.

Selena Gomez had offered a word of advise and support for the young boy.

Keaton didn’t mind that his mum post the video up on social media to spread awareness on the effect of bullying and do something about the seriousness of this matter. We can safely say that bullies, be prepared to surrender.

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