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Ryan Reynolds To Play Pikachu, And We Are Confused

by Nicolas See Tho

You might have heard the rumours, but now it is apparently confirmed, Ryan Reynolds is going to be voicing Pikachu in the upcoming Detective Pikachu Pokemon Movie.  Just when you think 2017 is done playing pranks on your understanding of life, we get news like this.

This is exactly how you are going to imagine Pikachu to be like in the near future

Ryan Reynolds is reported to have signed on the starring role for this project and filming is to begin filming next year. But before all that, what in tarnation is Detective Pikachu? Great Detective Pikachu is a game that was released primarily in Japan,2016 and players basically play a kid walking around to solve mysteries while being accompanied by a talking Pikachu who also wears a Sherlock Holmes-esque hat.

Now when we say Ryan Reynolds is starring as Pikachu, we don’t mean just voiceovers, we mean he will actually be the Pikachu, as the role is said to be motion capture in nature. As weird as this sounds, it is actually way better than the recent version of Pikachu who decided to speak human sounds.

Justice Smith would most likely play the awkward kid solving mysteries with an awkward Pikachu

The new Pokemon movie will also be joined by casts such as Justice Smith, and Kathryn Newton. While this is surely not one of the weirdest news we have heard yet, we hope that the upcoming Deadpool will reference an involvement with this franchise as a tongue in cheek humour that Ryan Reynolds is clearly fond of.

One can dream…

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