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Have You Done The Invisible Box Challenge?

by Nicolas See Tho

In a world where trending news mostly consists of people trying to outdo one another in a series of meaningless tasks, another one had just popped up and it is called the “Invisible Box Challenge”.  For reference, you can see where this new trend first started below:

While at first glance it might look easy, but as many have found out, performing this illusionary trick is not as easy as one thinks. The cheerleader in the tweet, Ariel Olivar,  from Texas, has already reached over 136,000 retweets and liked by over 250,000 users.  However, this trend first started all the way back in 2014 whereby originally, you were supposed to touch the imaginary box with one hand and keep one foot in the air while other leg jumps over it.

So do you think you could do it?





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