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How Amazon Can Save The Spirit Of LOTR In It’s New Series

by Nicolas See Tho

After paying what feels like half of the world’s GDP to acquire the rights for Lord Of The Rings, Amazon is now placed on a rather dangerous cliff, as it is one of the most beloved franchises in the literary and movie industry. Its films have grossed over $13 billion with just 6 movies and now it seems, that Amazon will be creating a series out of the franchise. Many fans mark it as a disaster waiting to happen, while some say there is room for potential. As a longtime fan myself, I see this as a gateway for some of the stories untold, but here are some ways that the series would do good by Tolkien.

1.Don’t Reinvent The Wheel, Use It To The Fullest


The world of Tolkien is one of a kind, it comes with its own working language (see Sindarin) and a wide variety of cultures and subcultures that traverse its fictional landscape. Whenever an adaptation comes along, often times they try to cut corners in a bid to either cut costs or try to fit in for time, but with so much being spent on Lord of The Rings, it would be a shame if the series were to be anything but rich with substance. There are still many untold stories from the books and you even have a comprehensive guide in the form of the Silmarillion, therefore, if the series is to perform, use the books, and create less.

2. Keep to the themes that Tolkien has set out in his works


Another fallacy that most failed adaptations present would be the tendency to try and create a new perspective for the show, which often can lead to confusion and mostly the dilution of the content quality. In Lord Of The Rings, there is no need to be edgy or over the top, as Tolkien has already pre-meditated the pacing, and how the story should unfold. Each dialogue and interaction has their own dynamics thus there is no need to randomly add new characters to affect those dynamics.

3. The Power Of Songs


One of the key features I would dearly love to see in the Lord of The Rings series would be their usage of the poems and songs that exist within the written sources. Tolkien has always been meticulous, but in the lore of Lord Of The Rings, songs play a major role in either shedding light in past histories or adding an atmospheric feel to the current scene, Even the poem holds plenty of details that will keep viewers who love Easter Eggs on edge.

So Amazon, if you are reading this, I hope you can pull off a worthy series that will bring forth a whole new era of Lord Of The Rings hype again. Perhaps getting Stephen Colbert as a consultant should make sure everything is on the up and up, I hear he is a Tolkien scholar of some pedigree.



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