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Lazada x Panasonic Lumix Malaysia brings you back to the fundamental elements of photography

by Natasha Christopher

Kicking off its month-long online sales event called Online Revolution, Lazada has joined forces with Panasonic Lumix Malaysia to hold a photography workshop on 19th November 2017 at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur. Namely “Back to basics”, the workshop aimed to provide the basic knowledge in photography to the participants who are relatively new in the field and showing a keen interest in learning more. It’s a surprise and exciting to see that different age groups of participants have shown up at the event. The speaker of the day was the artistic professional photographer – Michael Yeoh.

 A participant showing Michael Yeoh(right) a picture he took

A participant showing Michael Yeoh(right) a picture he took

Participants were allowed to loan the cameras after registration and experience to capture images with different lenses provided by Panasonic Lumix. The workshop started at around 11 a.m. with the speech and theory class hosted by Michael Yeoh, he shared his works with the participants as well as explaining the basics of photography to them. Participants were actively engaged, as they will ask questions whenever they couldn’t figure out something about the camera. Followed by the scrumptious lunch was the practical part of the workshop, participants were divided into a different group and to try out shooting for different photo genres – foods, portraits, and architectures. The workshop was a resounding success as the participants interacted well among themselves as well as with the instructors were friendly and always there to help.
Here are some of the feedback we’ve gotten from the participants. 

Anthony Wee: “This workshop helps me to understand the basic photography skills. It sure did! The speaker, Michael Yeoh is able to explain complicated photography terms in layman’s terms that are much easier for amateurs to understand. The practical session was so much fun.”
Lim Hong Thai: “This event offered a variety of new lens for us to try, and even hired a professional photographer to teach us photography skills and Panasonic Lumix staffs to teach us how to use our cameras. I wish that Panasonic Lumix can hold more event like this in the future.”
Wei Zhi: “I appreciated all the mentors who had taught me about the knowledge of photography, they are kind and humble on sharing what they know. People used to move forward yet they forget about their origin. However, this workshop has brought me back to the very first day when I started this career. Its worth to mention that Michael Yeoh’s art piece is fantastic, both the composition and white-balance are well- controlled.

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