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Here’s How You Can Win Exclusive VR Goggles from Ayam Brand

by Natasha Christopher

This household favourite Ayam Brand is reaching for the stars as it celebrates its 125th anniversary, with its first-ever Racing-To- Space campaign that highlights its star products in the context of its on-going regional sustainability efforts.

The theme for its 125th anniversary celebration of We Care, We Are Family was clear as the
brand shared high altitude footage taken from a launch in Kahang in the state of Johor in
Malaysia. The footage was compiled from up to a height of 29,000m above sea level, allowing
for stunning views across the region that encompassed Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
According to Ayam Brand Group Marketing Director, Mr Herve Simon, the Racing-to- Space
campaign was conceived as a celebration of the regions that have contributed to Ayam
Brand’s longevity; and to have a visual record of the region from high above for those who
have not been in an airplane as well as for future generation, to encourage greater
environmental awareness and consciousness.

“The environment is an eco-system that we need to safeguard. The action of individuals and
corporates can have a huge impact on the legacy we leave for future generations. Ayam Brand is contributing to the conversation through this educational and informative Racing-
To-Space campaign,” said Denise Westerhout, Lead for the Sustainable Markets Programme of WWF-Malaysia.

Ayam Brand demonstrating the media on how the Racing To Space challenge goes about.

Ayam Brand demonstrating the media on how the Racing To Space challenge goes about.

The Ayam Brand Racing-to- Space contest saw four high altitude balloons with specially
designed rigs released with four Ayam Brand stars, namely Sardines in Tomato Sauce,
Canned Tuna, Baked Beans and Coconut Milk, attached. The objective of the race was to
discover which of these classic Ayam Brand products would be the first to reach the highest
altitude, while providing millions of Ayam Brand consumers with stunning aerial views of the region.
That’s not all! The Ayam Brand Racing-To- Space contest will be held from November 20th to December 1st, 2017 and individuals can register at  Ayam Brand’s website to participate. The contestant will be required to watch two short videos of footage from the balloons to find the answers to; which balloon FIRST reached an altitude of 12,000 meters, which balloon went the highest, one question about Ayam Brand™, and to craft a short slogan on the brand as a tie-breaker. There will be 1,000 Ayam Brand gift sets and 5 VR goggles to be won with the prizes valued at RM53,000! Lucky winners of the VR goggles will be able to watch the Ayam Brand™ Racing-To- Space video in in 360-degree surround for a thoroughly immersive experience.

For more information on Ayam Brand, please visit Ayam Brand’s website.


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