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This Product Secures Better Hair Care

by Natasha Christopher

After 13 years of intensive research and clinical trials, Svenson Malaysia introduced the Svenson Hair Filler, a cutting-edge hair growth Active Complex that promises to deliver clinically proven results of denser and thicker hair in 12 weeks.
Being hair and scalp care experts for over 60 years, the company strongly believes that the use of this cutting-edge technology is set to redefine the hair and scalp care industry in the country and help people suffering from hair thinning and hair loss issues.

In Malaysia, the annual years of healthy life lost per 100,000 people from Alopecia Areata has increased by 11.1% since 1990. With Svenson’s Hair Filler, which guarantees an alleviation of hair loss issues, it is a treatment that improves the condition of the scalp and hair follicle for fuller and denser hair growth.

Joanne Yeong, Country Operation Director of Svenson mentioned that the new treatment is targeted towards those who are suffering from severe hair loss and scalp issues caused by a variety of factors.  “With the advancement of technology at hand, we plan to utilise that advantage to further elevate the trichology industry in Malaysia”.

Embedded in this hair loss solution is the consistent release of active ingredients and patented peptides to the hair root, with its time-release technology that guarantees a positive effect on the hair. As the active complex in this treatment is engineered to promote blood circulation in the scalp that stimulates hair growth by increasing the size of hair follicles, concurrently decreasing hair fall and enhance hair lifespan.

Kim Fong, Group Trichologist of Svenson explaining about how hair fillers work.

Kim Fong, Group Trichologist of Svenson explaining about how hair fillers work.

Kim Fong, Group Trichologist of Svenson advised people suffering from hair loss and thinning should always seek professional help immediately and not leave it too late to be fixed. “There are many external factors that cause hair fall and scalp problems among Malaysians and it is always better when a patient comes to us in the early stages of the issue,” she said.

The company is dedicated to helping Malaysian achieve fuller and thicker hair through the use of this cutting-edge technology.
For more information, please visit Svenson’s website. , or dial 1800 22 8333, or visit a Svenson outlet near you today!


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