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Songs to Sing In the Shower

by Natasha Christopher

With all the difficulties we face now such as petrol price hike up (no surprise there!), Maggi mee for dinner every day because you broke AF, assignments, your boss gives you last minute work 5 minutes before punch out time, and ‘best’ of all, stuck during a traffic jam. So what do you do to calm yourself down? Music!

Music is essential to many of our lives. It is no secret that music is our therapy at times of turmoil or to lift your mood up. A 2013 study in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that people who listened to upbeat music could improve their moods and boost their happiness in just two weeks.


As for me, I love to listen to a variety of songs. From old school blues, hip-hop, RNB right up to foreign music. There is just certain upbeat music that makes me want to let out my inner party mode and sing my heart out. The only place I see this happening is in the shower. My exclusive sanctuary to unleash my inner diva mode. Yes, I just let the cat out of the bag that I’m a shower singer. C’mon, who we kidding? Everyone loves to sing in the shower.

Thus, I have picked out my go-to songs to sing in the shower. I hope you love it!

1.Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

What is life without my fantasy husband, Bruno Mars? His voice just makes you want to groove to the rhythm of this R&B funk music. Don’t believe me just watch!

2. James Brown – I Feel Good

I bet some of you are belting out his tune right now. It is so catchy and besides, what’s not to love about James Brown’s music who is dubbed the King of Soul?

3. Beyonce – Run The World (Girls) 

Ahhhh Queen Bey said it herself, women empowerment rocks! So who rules the world now, guys?

4. Bon Jovi – Living On A Prayer

You’ve got to hold on to what you got, just like this favourite rock classic of all time!

5. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody 

Who can forget Whitney Houston’s best dance tune ever?

6. Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight 

Hailing from British, this song grabbed a few Brit Awards too! Sing it out now.

7. Adele – Rolling In The Deep 

Ahhh, though Adele is famous for making us cry with her tear-jerker songs, the rhythm of the song can uplift you anytime.

8. Outkast – Hey Ya! 

Alright, alright, alright, alright, now what’s cooler than being cool? This song, of course!

9.  Michael Buble – Feeling Good 

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn and we’re feeling good about this song.

10. Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel

Oooohhh only true music fans can know how this music makes us feel. I know I’ll be moonwalking to this song (in hopes I don’t slip and fall during shower)

Share with us some of your best shower songs to sing! We would love to hear it!

Sing your way to a great weekend ahead 🙂







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