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What’s Wrong with Big Boobs?

by Anna Yuu

Ahh, boobs. Everyone loves them. Who doesn’t? Even gay men love them!

But do you think bigger is better? The bra industry seems to support the idea. The first modern bra was patented in 1914—two handkerchiefs sewn together with straps made of ribbon. Soon after, padded bras appeared to make breasts look bigger. In 1948, Frederick Mellinger, founder of Frederick’s of Hollywood, introduced the push-up bra, which made them look even larger. And in 1994 the Wonderbra became a sensation. A refinement of the push-up concept that accented cleavage, push-up bra sales tripled from less than 3 percent of the market to 10 percent!

Boobs are increasing in size

American bra size has increased from 34B to 36C, with one clear reason: breast augmentation. Surgeons now perform 317,000 boob jobs annually, compared to around 100,000 reductions. Another reason is, well, trans fat from fast food. People are getting FAT!

image from Shutterstock

image from Shutterstock

Personally, I’ve never understood the fascination for big boobs. In my opinion, the face is actually the most important aspect about human beauty. A pair of sultry, almond-shaped eyes, a tall nose, and plump, soft lips should be the pinnacle and the representation of human beauty, not blobs of fat hanging from a woman’s chest! Granted, sustenance for our offsprings come from there, so they are majestic, in a way, but what’s the deal with big boobs being seen as something ‘sexy’?

Fact: Boobs feed babies, not men’s fantasy. Thanks!

A recent study in French had women fitted with various size padded bras and then sent to cafés where they sat alone. As bra size increased, so did the number of men who approached them. New Zealand researchers also used eye-tracking technology to assess how men viewed women with various-sized breasts. While small boobs attracted and held some men’s attention, most men gazed at the women with medium to large breasts. Of course, the study recorded many women complain that men talk to their breasts, not to their faces. I can relate.

staringThe Struggles

Finding the right bra size can sometimes take a while, and if I were to base it on my own experience, ‘a while’ means a good 10 years since I grew boobs before I found a really good, fitting bra that doesn’t try to cut or kill me – by then I already had a bad back. Having big boobs in Asia is rare, but having big boobs with a small waist is even rarer. Not to mention, we have very limited patterns and designs to choose from, in which about 90% are very mature and boring (another word: granny-like) and definitely not suited for young women in their 20s.

We can’t run because it hurts when they jiggle, and for the plus-sized, finding a sports bra is next to impossible. And how about the back pains? Partners of big-bosomed women are most probably very familiar and used to the laments and complaints of an aching back from a long day.

We can’t go braless when it’s sweltering hot outside. Sweat collects in nooks and crevices of our body, including beneath the boobs, commonly known as ‘underboob sweat’. The front part of my shirt always gets drenched while I’m doing house chores. It’s icky, unsightly, and embarrassing. The underboob sweat is an issue so common that Tata Towel was invented for us!

Specifically designed to counter underboob sweat for the big-bosomed!

Specifically designed to counter underboob sweat for the big-bosomed!

Is it really that bad?

Well, I won’t lie; despite all the complaints, I do like what I see when I catch my reflection in the mirror. They are blobs of fat, yes. But they are my fats. I love them as much as I love my other imperfections; my thunder thighs, my huge eye bags and frizzy, fine hair, even the stretch marks and scars; because they are a part of myself. Each tells a story, and if I don’t love myself, who will?

So yes, not all women with big breasts hate what they’re endowed with, we just wish men would talk to us and not to our breasts. While we appreciate compliments from a new date, or a stranger, keep them light-hearted, respectful, and classy. Some men (and women) don’t have a filter and say overwhelming creepy things as if they were about to rip our clothes off right there and then. That’s sexual harassment, in case you don’t know, and NO, don’t mask it with “Hey, I’m just being honest.” We’re not crass beings, and we’re definitely not objects made to satisfy sexual fantasies of a stranger.

Dove's Real Beauty campaign in 2013

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign in 2013

I stand by the notion ‘you gotta love yourself first before you expect others to love you’, because at the end of the day, self-confidence is extremely important. When you love yourself, it shows in your demeanour and behaviour. Ladies, don’t be hesitant to excuse yourself from unpleasant situations. Don’t be afraid to voice out against inappropriate stares or comments. You’ll gain respect from the right kind of men.

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