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Is Vaping Bad or Good for You?

by Anna Yuu

We often hear smokers turning to vape as a way to quit the cigarettes. While there are arguments that support the belief that vaping helps you quit smoking, there are many that are opposed to the view as well. The vaping industry is relatively new, hence I can easily understand why there are only a handful of studies regarding the subject. The majority of data we can find online is based on users’ experience.
If you consider starting vaping, you will probably have some difficulties with finding a credible source of information. Depending on what you read, you might think that vaping is as harmless as breathing clean air, or that it’s just as bad as smoking cigarettes. Neither is really accurate, of course.

We have gathered vapers to find out how vaping affects them – both positively and negatively. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of vaping!

Stink no more
Stink No More

Vaporisers uses vape juice, so while we loathe that horrible smell from smokers, vapers walk around smelling like cheesecake, cotton candy, and fruit loops.

Feel Healthier

Cigarette smoke contains almost 4000 toxic chemicals. Ex-smokers who turned to vaping have reported positive effects such as less coughing, better skin, less irritable, and more energetic. Over time, they reported having less nausea, improved circulation and sense of smell and taste.

Save Your Money

Vaping equipment can get quite pricey as a start. However, it is worth it (on so many levels!) in the long run than “investing” in regular cigarettes. Plus, there are kits for beginners as well!
Vaping Flavours

Definitely one of the fun benefits of vaping. Choose your favourite flavours and the nicotine levels, and customise your vape device among various styles available. Each device has its own character and personality, so you can use it as a fashion statement.
Reduce Smoking

The major reason why many smokers turn to vaping. The habit helps smokers reduce the number of cigarettes smoked during a day.


Social Normalisation

Some claim that vaping might seem appealing to adolescents and it can serve as a gateway for smoking regular cigarettes, which would consequently lead to normalisation of smoking. Health-wise, e-cigarette use may cause dry mouth, sore throat, and dizziness. Vapour contains far less toxic ingredients than cigarette smoke, but let’s not forget that nicotine is still addictive and harmful.

There were a few reported cases of allergic reactions to propylene glycol, one of the main ingredients of vape juice. Allergic vapers can switch to the alternative ingredient; vegetable glycol. Vape juices may also contain allergy-causing substances like chocolate, nuts, and fruits.
judgemental ppl
Judgmental People

Vaping has become popular in the last few years, converting not just hardcore smokers into vapers; even NON-SMOKERS! If you are one of them, you might just be judged by your peers.

Battery Safety

Between 2009 and 2014, the U. S. Fire Administration reported 25 cases of e-cig explosions due to battery malfunctions, misuse of rechargeable batteries and improper charging. To avoid these mishaps, users should always follow all the guidelines and use only the original battery charger.

You Won’t Quit Smoking

Unfortunately, vaping will not help you quit smoking unless you actually want to, according to studies. Determination and strong will is necessary, in this case. Although as already mentioned, it can help you reduce the number of smoked cigarettes daily.

Even though vaping is considered a “healthier” alternative to smoking, not enough number of conclusive studies has been conducted about this subject. If you are a smoker and haven’t tried vaping, maybe you could consider – after all, it might just help you cut down smoking. However, if you are not already a smoker, why start in the first place?

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