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How to Occupy Your Children this Holiday

by Anna Yuu

Ahhh, it’s that time of the year again. The year end has always been quite exciting; children facing their school exams, end year sales, celebrating Christmas, and preparing for the new year. Parents think they have things under control. You wake the children up, prepare (read: buy) breakfast while they are getting ready, send the kids to school, go to work. However, what do you do when all of a sudden the long, loooong holiday starts?

You want your children to have fun and learn at the same time, but what activities would they be up to? Your usual babysitter is packing up for her hometown, and letting your children out to play while you are not around sounds alarming, so should they stay home all day? I wish I could tell you that you should take a long holiday off together with your kids, but unfortunately we white collar grown-ups usually have to work all the way until Christmas Eve. So what do you do with the children? HOLIDAY CAMPS!

Integrating games and fun activities into their programmes, holiday camps are typically one of the top choices for parents. Through these camps, children get to indulge in multiple hobbies, absorb new information and experience, and build their social skills when they mingle with other children from different backgrounds.

Here are some suggestions for holiday camps in Malaysia:

British CouncilLet’s Build Confidence and Creativity in Speaking and Writing

The intensive 5-Day English Speaking and Writing holiday workshops at British Council Malaysia will boost your child’s ability to communicate both in spoken and written English to his peers, teachers and other adults with greater confidence. Each programme is tailor made for different age groups starting from 5 to 17 years to train kids in writing, organising, editing,  public speaking, debating, presentation skills and more. Available at all three offices of British Council Malaysia (KL, Mutiara Damansara, and Penang), with a registration fee of only RM950 inclusive of GST. Call +603 2723 7900 for more information, or visit British Council Malaysia.


Let’s Get MADD!

Mad about Music, Art, Drama and Dance (MADD), we mean. Let the kids take a break from worksbooks, exams and tuition this year end to focus on performing arts. This Performing Arts Programme allows your kids to unleash their creative side and discover a new talent or potential. Specially devised to cater to 4 to 14 year olds, the programme is ongoing at XSpace in Mont Kiara Mall from 30 October to 16 December 2017. Visithttp://www.xspace.my/ to find out more.


Holiday Camp Marathon by Chumbaka

Want your kinds to learn professional skills? Join the December Holiday Camp Marathon by Chumbaka! Three camps running from 5-21 December at two Digital Maker Hubs in Cyberjaya and Puchong. Kids learn how to use technology around them in a fun and innovative way by building projects infused with elements of Design Thinking based on given themes.

With the guidance of tech mentors from various backgrounds (education, computing, engineering, business), the kids will then showcase their hard work at the end of the camp in a mini show-and-tell, with the aim of cultivating crucial communication skills along the way. You can sign up now at bit.do/chumbakadecember17.


Nature School for Kids by PermaCulture Farmstay

Now parents can join their children in nature and nothing else! From 30 November to 3 December 2017, this programme comprises of outdoor activities like jungle trekking, exploring streams, gardening, making herbal medicines, batik art painting and feeding the farm animals. Afternoons and evenings are unstructured free play time – the most missed experience in the cities. You will be camping so bring your own tents and sleeping bags. 

Open for children from 3 to 12 years old, the registration fee is RM540 for children and RM645 for adults. The fee includes accommodation, meals, transport from Lenggong town and all activities, not to mention bonfires and Barbeque under the stars! To sign up, send an email to permaculture.perak@gmail.com

So don’t worry about that babysitter being gone for a month, or yourself being unable to take leaves from work. You have a variety of holiday camps to consider to stave off the boredom and keep your children occupied during the holiday!

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