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A New Home Companion with Ecovacs Robotics

by Natasha Christopher

DSCF1831APAC’s largest vacuum cleaning innovator, Ecovacs Robotics held an official launch today to announce its entry into the Malaysian market, displaying exciting previews of its technology that marked a breakthrough in home-cleaning companion robots for Malaysian homes.


Following its mantra, “Live Smart. Enjoy Life.”, Ecovacs Robotics has devoted its efforts in developing intelligent home robotics for the last 20 years, dedicating itself to improving lifestyles through innovative technology. Ecovacs Robotics has rocketed to being considered the number 1 robotic vacuum brand in Asia Pacific and the top three in the in-home robot category globally.

Ecovacs unveiled its entire range of DEEBOT and WINBOT series for Malaysia along with an exclusive look at upcoming models. The latest DEEBOT OZMO series of floor cleaning robots was put in the spotlight as it revealed to launch soon in Malaysia. This features a sensor that allows a smarter switch between cleaning and mopping with a more efficient water flow.

The dust-busting line, DEEBOTS includes the DEEBOT R98, DEEBOT R95, DEEBOT M88 and its best-selling DEEBOT M81 Pro.


“We recognize how busy Malaysians are and so we are happy to have a solution to relieve them from house chores so that they can do more of the things they love through their very own home robots” said Jonathan Tang, Vice President of Global Channels at Ecovacs Robotics. “We are continually developing more innovative home robots by investing 10% of our sales revenue into R&D annually. This is to ensure our products can be used with minimal supervision and more efficiently.”

The launch also highlighted the new partnership between Ecovacs Robotics and its new Malaysian distributor, Ban Leong Technologies Sdn Bhd.


Excited about owning your very own cleaning robot? Visit www.ecovacs.com/my to find out how to get your hands on the future of hands-free cleaning.

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