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Have You Heard of This Hybrid Polaroid Shooter Yet?

by Natasha Christopher

Fujifilm has always led the way in producing ground-breaking and stunning film cameras to cater to picture-taking enthusiasts. With the new hybrid polaroid shooter, Fujifilm Instax SQ10, you can be in full control and produce instant images; awesome!

Instax Square SQ 10 design and shape

Instax Square SQ 10 design and shape

The camera build is meticulously thin and curved, perfect for easy handling and precise control. The left and right double shutter buttons with AE/AF lock enable users to maneuver from any angle for an accurate recreation of your shot composition. All operations from editing and processing to printing are also made easy with the all-in-one command dial buttons that you can utilise while looking at the monitor, so that your photos come out just the way you want them. This is enhanced further with image effects – filters, vignettes, and more.

You can save your photo to the internal memory or storage media and print the photos as many times as you want. Since this is a hybrid Instax camera, you get the best of both worlds – the control and composition of a digital camera, with the enjoyment and tangible fun of a real photo print.

With the square format, users can enjoy the retro look of 1:1 aspect ratio that adds sophistication to any photo.
SQ10_image12Getting a picture printed on the spot and being in full control of the effects on the photo is simply remarkable on its own. The Instax Square SQ10 features up to a combination of nine different images into one film, so you can have fun and unleash your creativity with it!

The camera keeps up to 10 films in; which are purchased separately. Besides that, the accessibility to store even more photos by using a microSD card and then printing your favourites is what makes it a great purchase deal to be kept for a long time.

The Instax SQ10 comes with a rechargeable battery and can be attached to a tripod to stabilise and elevate the camera.
SQ10_image28Overall, FujifilmInstax SQ10 is a wondrous hybrid camera with ample storage space, multiple creative combinations, instant printing and complete user control. The intricate functions may be confusing at first, but with time and adaptability towards the camera, creating memories through a click will be a breeze.


Image Sensor: ¼-in, CMOS with primary color filter | Storage Media: Built-in memory, microSD/microSDHC memory card | Aperture: F 2.4 | Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 1600 (Auto) | Digital Zoom: Up to 2.4X in printing | JPEG Image format | Image Size: 62mm x 62mm | Retail Price: RM1328


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