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What Makes a Party LIT?

by Natasha Christopher

Image from Phoenix 

When it’s the weekend, I always look forward to having a great time with friends and socialising with new people. A combination of good food, crowd and music are what I would consider an amazing party – or as millennials call it; LIT! Recently, I went to a friend’s place for a house party. We were delighted with the food; there were pizzas, fried chicken and of course what’s a party without booze? The whole party started out well, people continued flocking in, until the music started playing. The speakers were so horrible; scratchy, flat noises indicating poor quality bass. WHYYYY? I couldn’t even grasp the words to the lyrics of the song, it was all jumbled and muffled sounds.

Music is the quintessential communicator to all, especially for awkward situations where you don’t really know anyone but wanting to start a conversation or just dance the night away solo. In my case, it was the former; with the music so bad and there was nothing to talk about, I ended up leaving really early.

Introducing the best active speakers, Pioneer's XPRS Series

Introducing the best active speakers, Pioneer’s XPRS Series

Bad speakers produce BAD music, that’s why you need to check out these new, high powered XPRS Series speakers from Pioneer. These speakers are perfect if you love the nightlife bars, parties, night clubs and all that. Get blown away by Pioneer Pro Audio sound engineering heritage combined with the built-in energy efficient Powersoft Class D amps – producing 2400 W (peak) or 1200 W (continuous) output, similar to that of larger club speaker amps, so put on your dancing shoes and twirl away!

The XPRS Series speakers are compact, portable, and come with a polished wooden enclosure, giving you a versatile plug-and-play system that fills the room with a natural sound.

With its advanced protection features, it helps to prolong the speakers’ lifespan while ensuring consistently high-quality sound, and master class sound systems.

Pioneer's XPRS 12, 12- inch two-way full range speakers

Pioneer’s XPRS 12, 12- inch two-way full range speakers

The XPRS Series comprises of the XPRS15, XPRS12 and the XPRS215S. The XPRS15 and XPRS12 are two-way full range speakers – with Pioneer Pro Audio’s “AFAST technology’ to deliver a clean, clear sound with a deep bass range. The XPRS215S is a dual 15-inch subwoofer which has a perfect crossover switch that lets you adjust the low-pass filter cut-off at stages between 80Hz and 150Hz.

Pioneer's XPRS215S

Pioneer’s XPRS215S

Regardless whether you are a social butterfly or a mere wallflower, good music is something that we all can equally appreciate, hence why the Pioneer’s XPRS Series is the perfect set-up for any parties, clubs, or bars to get the mood going for everyone. If you have one of these woofers, call me to the party!

Specifications of Pioneer XPRS12

Retail Pricing including 6% GST: RM 6199 | Weight: 23.1 kg | Power Consumption: 167 W | Enclosure: 15 mm birch plywood, bass reflex type

Specifications of Pioneer XPRS15

Retail pricing including 6% GST: RM 6799 | Weight: 28.5 kg | Power Consumption: 175W | Enclosure: 15 mm birch plywood, bass reflex type

Specifications of Pioneer XPRS215S

Retail pricing including 6% GST: RM 8399 | Weight: 55.9 kg | Power Consumption: 240 | Enclosure: 15 mm birch plywood band pass type

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