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Hike Your Way Up For The Weekend

by Natasha Christopher

Happy Independence Day in advance from us at 2CENTS! The long weekend is coming, some of you are probably already packing to leave to your lovely hometowns. Safe drive! Meanwhile, we city dwellers will hopefully get to enjoy clear traffic for the next few days. Don’t let it go to waste though; let’s plan what to do over the weekend!

Love working out but bored of the air-conditioned, comfortable gyms? Looking for something adventurous and exciting to do with your loved ones? Hiking is the answer. You get to experience fresh air, spectacular views, and it is also a great exercise for mind and body. And like all Malaysians, you will want to try it NOW once you hear the cost: almost FREE! Hey, less money spent means less stress, so all the better!

Here are our top five hiking spots in Malaysia:

Broga Hill


Location: Semenyih, Selangor

Cost: RM 2 for parking

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration of completion: 40 minutes

Recommended timing to hike up the hill is as early as 5am just to catch the sunrise which is the main attraction for this place. Be sure to bring torch lights if you decide to hike up in the wee hours of the morning. Wear sports shoes with a good grip too as precaution since the route from the peak to base consists of sharp downhill turns and slippery slopes.
Bukit Saga/Apeh Hill

Location: Between Ampang and Cheras

Cost: None

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration of completion: 90 minutes

Most of the time, people flock over to Saga/Apeh hill to enjoy the small waterfall that hikers can take a detour to for a refreshing splash. The 5km trail consists of a mix of flat terrains as well as moderate and steeper climbs. The steep steps hold a close resemblance to Mount Kinabalu, hence this hill is also famous for people to train and prepare themselves to climb the great mountain. Do note that it is best to head from the Ampang side (Taman Saga) and come out from the same way you came into. This is to avoid confusion, especialy for novice hikers as there are many trails. Bring along a water bottle and a walking stick to help yourself through slippery or muddy tracks.

Panorama Hill


Location: Sungai Lembing, Kuantan

Cost: None

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration of completion: 20 to 45 minutes

Track along Kuantan’s historical site which was once famous for gold mining.  Sunrise begins at 7am so be sure to reach the hill before then with a torch light if you don’t want to miss the spectacular view. The Sungai Lembing folks maintain this place very well so please bring your trash and wastes down with you. The easy hike is enjoyable, with plenty of great picturesque views during the hike and at the peak, making it suitable for kids too. For your information, it can be crowded during the weekends and public holidays.

Bukit Tabur
Image Credits: Adrian Cuyugan

4.Bukit Tabur

Location: Taman Melawati, Selangor

Cost: RM5 per person for a climbing permit from the Forestry Department

Difficulty Level: Challenging

Duration of completion: Up to three to four hours.

Just a 10-minute car drive from Zoo Negara, Bukit Tabur offers hikers an extreme challenge that requires an immense amount of rock climbing too. Also known as ‘The Dragon’s Backbone’, it is the world’s longest quartz ridge. There are two routes, Bukit Tabur West and Bukit Tabur East, both reserved for experienced hikers. Considered as one of those ‘leap of faith’ kind of activities, this hike will pump you up with adrenaline with steps that are sometimes out of your reach, hence requiring you to jump. Hiking gloves and first aid kits are highly recommended. The thrill is worth it as you feast on the majestic view from the peak, definitely something to look forward to.

bukit kutu

Location: Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor

Cost: None

Difficulty Level: Challenging

Duration of completion: Four hours

Formerly known as Treacher’s Hill, the height of Bukit Kutu is equivalent to a mountain,sitting at 1053 meters from sea level. What makes this hill fun to climb is the fact that there are a river and small streams criss-crossing as you hike your way up towards the summit. The summit is a rock that overlooks panoramic views of clouds, valleys and mountains. Chocolate or energy bars are needed as the hike can be dreadfully exhausting. A bottle of water is a must along with an extra change of T-shirts and pants. Tips: Do follow the Bukit Kutu trail markers along the way.

Hop along to Malaysia’s bountiful, natural scenery this weekend with your loved ones.  I know I am gonna, what about you?


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